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《Should it matter》中英文歌词:

I look at you 我凝视着你

Please don’t walk away 请你不要走开

I see you’re about to 你正欲挪步

There is just something I’d really like to say 我正想把心中的话说出来

So please don’t walk away 所以,请你不要走开

I know that you’re there 我知道你就在哪里

Still you pretend you’re not 可你却掩饰你的存在

Yes I know it hurts 我知道感情让你痛不欲生

I have also felt the pain 我的内心也充满苦楚

So should it matter 难道那真的不可释然?

What I do or what I’ve done 我现在在做以及曾经做过的事情

As long as in my heart 因你一直在我心

You’re still the only one 你是我的唯一,恒久不变的

I hear you say it 你说你完全明白

But I don’t think you understand 可我想你根本不知

I can be trusted now, I swear to you I can* 请你相信我,我对天起誓

It’s been a year a memory from my past 一年前的记忆拂过我的脑海

I know what I did wrong 我知道那时我错了

I wish to change 我希望可以重来

Just to make it last 只为延续我俩的节拍

But I guess it’s been too long 或许那段经历太久了

Easy to move on 离开应该很容易

To forget to about it all 忘记曾经的一切

Is that what you do, hoping I will be gone 如果那是你希望的,我将离开

(Repeat) (重复)

If you got to know me again 如果你重新认识我

Maybe then -- maybe then 兴许那时,兴许那时

We could see what we should do 我俩能看到未来

But that’s all up to you 但这命运之轮已全在你手中

I’ll be waiting for you 我将永远等着你

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